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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hand tied Extensions?

This method is one of the oldest methods in hair extension history and has made a major comeback! There is no glue, heat or tape adhesive involved in this process. The extensions are sewn in to your hair on a beaded row in larger sections. Which could stretch ear to ear if desired. These larger sections allow for a fuller, thicker look with fewer points of attachment. Both methods will leave you feeling lightweight and seamless. 

what does

maintenance look like?

The average time between extension 'move ups' is 6-8 weeks. This appointment will be made at your initial installation date.

Color services can be booked with before your initial install. 

Hand tied maintenance depending of your at home care, the second & possibly third 'move-up' is simpler. Taking each weft row by removing the beads, combing out all natural shed hair and making sure the weft is brought back up to the top of the section. Retightening the beads, making your extensions feeling secure and fresh. 

How Much will my extensions cost?

Extensions range from $500-$2,000+. I only use high quality hair and methods that won't damage your hair. You're investing in a superior product and application method when you work with me.  

How do i know which method is best for me?

Great question! Once you fill out the digital consultation I will review your submission form and we will get you scheduled for an in person consult. That is when we will talk thoroughly about what you would like to achieve with extensions. Once we determine all the important factors, I will determine which method suits you best. 

HOW LONG DOES THE Extension hair last?

Bellami Hair is the prestigious company that offers 100% Human Hair. If cared for properly your beautiful locks can last up to 8 months, Amazing, right?  Hair  care is discussed during your consultation and installation appointments.

Will my hair be super long?

That is completely up to you! Most Jersey Shore hair stylist's are giving long mermaid hair which I do love. However, I offer extensions for length, density, a pop of color, style or a combination of all 4. With Bellami, I am able to get high-quality hair for you at several lengths to meet your needs and I am an expert and perfectionist on blending for a natural result. 

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